(BIM) Building Information Modelling

To ensure we achieved BIM Level 2 capability and experience by Central Government’s target of 2016, we implemented our BIM programme

With full Board approval, we have a BIM Policy and Action Plan fully supported by a comprehensive Implementation Programme.  We have completed the NFB BIM Exemplar programme.

 BIM Achievements thus far including: 

  • Developed strategic BIM implementation policies fully backed by the Board of Directors
  • Appointed a BIM Manager to push forward our BIM programme
  • Prepared a comprehensive BIM Action Plan supported by a full implementation programme with progress monitoring capability
  • Selected a project from one of our Design & Construct Frameworks on which to use as a full BIM designed trial project with external consultants and have used lessons learnt to move forward with the next scheme
  • We have set up an extensive and comprehensive BIM Training and CPD programme utilising our consultant experiences
  • Facilitated full employee access to key BIM guidance documents via SharePoint
  • As part of our BIM Trial Project we have prepared a comprehensive BIM Execution Plan in line with PAS 1192:2
  • Our IT Manager is providing IT support and advice to our BIM Design Partners and this cooperation will be extended to key supply chain members as they come on board.


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